Scale PD

Custom Police Car Replicas & Decal Sets


Yes, I can make Declas and Replicas for White, Black & White, or all Black Cars!!

I will make a custom design for your department for a reasonable fee.

The rate will be determined by the difficulty of the artwork.

If you simply want a set of decals, and intend on applying them yourself, the rate will include one 8.5"x11" sheet of completed decals. Depending on the design, 4-6 sets will fit on one sheet of 1/24 scale decals (additional sheets can be purchased).


If you are interested in buying 1-5 completed cars you will have to pay the design fee, and for each car. Again, the rate is dictated by the level of difficulty. MY PRICING IS VERY REASONABLE!

If you intend on buying 6 or more cars, I will not charge for the artwork. This is the most economic way to go, especially if you get some of your fellow officers in on the deal. Each car can have each individual officers actual License plate and unit numbers.


Any order that includes completed cars will be subject to a down paymet.

I do not offer exclusive decals. Once I make a set, they will be available to anyone who may be interested. Some designers do offer exclusive sets (for a much higher price), which is fine, because I will gladly make decals/models for someone who was turned away elsewhere (this actually happened to me).


YOUR PART IN THE PROCESS: Once you contact me, I'll reply by asking for a picture of the Police Car you'd like done. Once we agree on a price, you'll need to send me a variety of pictures of the car from specific angles (see below) for me to work from.



Here is an example of the pictures I will need including shots from all sides, and close-ups (pictures must be submitted in original high resolution). The first picture is an example of a picture that I would not be able to use due to the light bouncing off the reflective markings: